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The Institute of Linguistics named after Akhmet Baitursynov of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the leading complex scientific and linguistic center in the country, the unique scientific institution in the world in the system of analogous ones, which is engaged in the study of scientific-theoretical, scientific-organizational, scientific-practical problems of Kazakh Linguistics at the level of fundamental and applied research, the development of the State language of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as Turkology and Altai studies, problems of functioning of languages ​​of ethnic groups of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign Philology.

The staff potential of the Institute: 3 academicians and 2 corresponding members of the NAS of RK, 22 doctors and 23 Candidates of Philological Science, as well as PhD holders and members of many other domestic and foreign Academies of sciences and authoritative scientific communities

On the basis of the results of its fundamental researchthe Institute:

  • forms the strategy of the State language policy;
  • develops and modernizes the scientific and linguistic basis of language construction;
  • develops and approves the norms and standards of the State language;
  • updates and improves standard, orthological dictionaries, the National Corpus of the Kazakh language, linguistic encyclopedias, linguistic grammatical, stylistic, semantic, phonetic rules, ethnolinguistic, paremiological, orthoepic, spelling, phraseological, dialectological, terminological and other lexicons;
  • develops linguistic science and philological thought in Kazakhstan, on the whole. 


  • Development of the scientific heritage of A. Baitursynuly and his school
  • Dissertation fund on Kazakh, Turkic and General Linguistics
  • Library and archival fund
  • Unique card-index base – the keeper of national knowledge consisting of more than 5 million cards
  • Computer base of the Kazakh language “TIL KAZYNA”
  • Electronic base of the Kazakh language, numbering 30 million word usage
  • Terminological and onomastic fund


  • Spelling Dictionaries
  • Orthoepic Dictionaries
  • Explanatory Dictionaries
  • Bilingual and Multilingual Dictionaries
  • Dictionaries of Synonyms
  • Terminological Dictionaries
  • Dictionaries of Idioms
  • Dictionaries of Homonyms
  • Phraseological Dictionaries
  • Historical Dictionaries
  • Etymological Dictionaries
  • Dictionaries of Neologisms
  • Dictionaries of Antonyms
  • Dialectological Dictionaries
  • Frequency Dictionaries
  • Reverse Dictionaries
  • Word-formation Dictionaries
  • Dictionaries of Proper names, etc.